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Gift One:  Tië eldaliéva, the Elven Spiritual Path’s Guide to Directions is a 1-page PDF download which includes the symbols and Elvish names of the seven directions as well as keywords that describe the 14 Valar (Powers), a wonderful study guide for the first three chapters of the Silmarillion as well as for creating sacred space to connect with any of the Valar!

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Gift Two:  The PDF Ebook, Varda Elentari – The Elven Queen of the Stars by Calantirniel, quite different in tone from the Star Queen Ebook in the Guardian Gateway second-option bonus package.  This Ebook goes more into Tolkien himself, and has a different meditation for connecting to Lady Elbereth Gilthoniel.  A small portion of this material was published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.  in the 2008 Witches’ Companion.

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Check out our LIMITED Edition Print version of our “Ritual of Enderi” book for $5.50 – and get the Amazon Kindle Ebook ($2.99 value) FREE with purchase of the print book!  Or – check out our Ebook on Smashwords!  You can use the .mobi format on your Kindle device or free app, no problem!  It’s $1.99 if you don’t want to wait – or, if you stay tuned to this Email list, we will be offering future coupon codes to get it for 50-100% off!  Already bought or downloaded the Smashwords version?  Use the above link from Amazon, or try these ideas from Smashwords:  The FAQ’s and (great!) this free Ebook!

And feel free to review directly on Amazon, Smashwords, or on Goodreads if you prefer.  Thank you!






37 thoughts on “FREEBIES & Updates!

    1. Hi Sasha! I just updated sending them out, so perhaps you came in right after (I am sending them out manually until I can figure out a way to have it done automatically). They are likely forthcoming soon, OK? 🙂

    2. I have registred and tried to download the PDF file.This is failing.I do not use an emailclient but web based email.It will not download.?

  1. I have just registered with you and received a password for the two free gifts offered. However, even with copy and paste, the password is not working.

    1. Hi Dennis, and thanks tons for registering! Oddly, many people (well over 100 in recent times) have not had trouble and the one that did, something was wrong with her computer, and when using a friend’s computer it worked. That being said, I see you are indeed on the list. Stay tuned for private correspondence, OK?

      1. Glad you hung in there Deindera! Hoping you stay tuned on our Google Plus or Facebook page and have a wonderful Enderi (Elven Middle Days) when they arrive in about a month or so! 😉 Calantirniel

  2. I subscribed as well, but where are my pdf files to download. Can you sent me a link please, so I can download?

    1. Hello there! Please make sure you confirmed your email, and the following email will have the links and passwords. That has been working for everyone but if you still have trouble, let us know, ok? 🙂

  3. I subscribed. I guess I will be getting a PDF file in my mail soon? Let me know, when you get the chance, thank you! =)

  4. Hi is it possible to find Varda Elentari in paperback. I dont have access to the net very often and would be so grateful to have such a treasure to help me on my journey.

  5. Hi, I subscribed ages ago and received the free gifts, however, I have forgotten my password to read them on my phone. Are you able to resend the password. I thought I had it but the one I have doesn’t work.

    1. Yeah, it is tricky, but you can go ahead and unsubscribe, then re-subscribe and you’ll have all the access again. We may be changing these around a bit to make it easier for the future! Look in your email box for a separate contact, okay? Laita!

  6. Mae g’ovannen!

    Tië eldaliéva is a wonderful concept, and these books look fascinating. Is this offer still valid.

    Thank you.

  7. Please add my name to the list to be manually sent the freebies. I’m particularly interested in the pdf containing guardian names, directions etc. My email is fae.sidhe AT

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