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There has been interesting recent developments in what can be termed as “pop culture spirituality.”  Watkins Publishing in the UK introduces “Become the Force,” the brand new book release from popular YouTuber (and now Author) Daniel M. Jones, a millenial from Wales with an adult diagnosis of Aspberger’s Syndrome, a highly-functioning form in the autistic spectrum!  It is co-authored by Theresa Cheung, an author who has written many books on a range of spirituality and wellness topics.  And it’s been getting a LOT of press, from the likes of Time Magazine, The BBC, Good Morning America, The Guardian, USA Today and a plethora of mainstream radio and television stations – and we LOVE this!  He founded The Church of Jediism in 2007, just two years after the founding of Tië eldaliéva, the Elven Spiritual Path.

While there are clearly differences between Jediism and the Elven worldview of Professor JRR Tolkien’s Legendarium, how can anyone ignore the similarities?

In fact, we cannot ignore the similarities between Jediism and the Elven Path for an important reason!  Dr. Markus Altena Davidsen, a highly-esteemed Dutch academic in alternative religious studies had original intentions of studying Jediism, particularly since its rising popularity is even measurable.  He decided to change the emphasis of his studies to study the Elven Path and our related “sister group” Ilsaluntë Valion, because of this main reason:

George Lucas based Jediism on existing ancient Eastern-based belief systems, outside of his texts, whereas Tolkien’s actual Middle-Earth writings themselves can be interpreted as a standalone spiritual path basis for those wishing to learn the Elven lore and then apply that wisdom.

Wait – that’s the DIFFERENCE, isn’t it?  The similarities are that both Jediism and the Elven Spiritual Path would be both considered spiritual belief systems based on (seemingly) popular culture.  After all, can it be wondered that when the Greeks were learning of their massive mythology, weren’t they current events for them before they became ancient? 😉  There is something to be said for being able to RELATE to your spiritual systems in a very real way!  Story is story!

Learn more by reading Dr. Davidsen’s Doctoral Thesis (Or, if 525 pages seems daunting, scroll down for the “Summary” – and it is indeed an excellent summation!)

Congratulations Daniel and to the Church of Jediism – we here at Tië eldaliéva, the Elven Spiritual Path, wish you much success in your endeavors!


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Just in time for Cuiverë Quendivawow!

The Telesummit Goddess, Kim Wilborn strikes again with the FREE Guardian Gateway II Telesummit!

Perhaps you recall me sharing the now-complete Tarot Telesummit for September of 2013 on AstroHerbalist.com.  I spoke on the fifth card in the Major Arcana, the Hierophant and experienced really amazing response.

So, I (Calantirniel) am checking my email and discover Kim is now exploring further the idea of spiritually connecting with high-vibration beings, and this caught my attention.  I thought, “I wonder  if Kim and her audience are ready for the amazing energies available through the Elven Path, particularly those of the Elven Star Queen, Varda Elentari.”

Kim was so excited, and I know ALL of you will be excited too!  So, I have been placed on the schedule, along with other amazing speakers whose spiritual practices incorporate these archetypal portals to Source for life improvement in many areas!

**UPDATE** I am also excited that the music of Jessica Rae Butler Peng will be featured!

When:  November 11-22, 2013

Calantirniel speaks LIVE on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 1pm Pacific Time (4pm Eastern Time)

ElvenSpirituality.com AstroHerbalist.com GuardianGateway.com Varda Elentari Elven Queen of the Stars Lady Elbereth Gilthoniel

Here are all the teachers and their topics (times and dates vary – see TimeAndDate.com for your time zone).

Theolyn Cortens – Your Guardian Angels Needs You!

Lisa Allen (Calantirniel) – Varda Elentari, the Elven Queen of the Stars

Calista – Wonder of Unicorns

Christine King – Connecting With the Animal Guardians of Ancient Egypt

Smadar Lorie – The Secret Hidden Power of the Crystal Guardians

Christiana Gaudet – Flower Power! Guidance, Inspiration, and Support from Flowers

Ferol Humphrey – Full Presence: Learn How to Channel Archangels

Judika Illes – Saints: Miracle Workers From Beyond the Grave

Melissa Kitto – 3 Secrets to Communicating With Your Angels: How Angels Will Help You Experience the Pure Joy of Living Your Life Purpose

Dr. Monique E. Hunt – I Work With Spirit Guides, and You Can, Too!

Sheelagh Newberry – Everyday Angels

Sue Storm – Angels for Prosperity

Heather Woodward – Connect with Your Spirit Guides and Ancestral Guardians

Janet Boyer – The Regenerating Phoenix

Evergreen Amundson – Earth Guardians Wisdom

Michelle Skye – Merfolk ~ Blessings of Spirit, Balance in Nature

Heather Rodriguez & David Caren – Saint Germain: Alchemy and Transformation – Using the Violet Flame in the Aquarian Age

Raven Many Voices – Dragons

Anayah Joi Holilly – Archangels

Kim Wilborn – Connect to Your Guardian Team and Create a Life You’ll Love

GuardianGateway.com AstroHerbalist.com ElvenSpirituality.com Meditation Downloads

If that isn’t exciting enough – the MP3 downloadable recordings for a limited time are only $27.00 for the entire set!

For the second option at only $10.00 more, you get amazing bonuses, including a bonus from me, Calantirniel:  a PDF Ebook featuring my story of discovering the Star Queen archetype!

ElvenSpirituality.com GuardianGateway.com

Bonus Ebook with Option 2 Purchase – Limited Time 75% OFF!

A version of this article was featured in the now out-of-print Llewellyn’s 2008 Witches’ Companion – and it is also yours if you purchase the second $37.00 option, again for a limited time – this is around 75% off!

This is also a GREAT time to announce our own FREEBIE offer!

If you sign up for updates on the progress of the highly-anticipated Elven Spirituality book, you receive not one but TWO FREE GIFTS!  Find out more by visiting the Freebie/Updates Link – and we look eagerly forward to your participation – and feel free to share this post!

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Grab it: Faery Craft!

Good News!  Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. has just released Faery Craft, a beautiful book by UK Author and Artist Emily Carding!  In the Summer of 2012, Calantirniel (Lisa Allen) was interviewed, and a good portion of this interview is actually published in the book.  A recent opportunity to view the paperback version of the complete book itself, after so much anticipation, was not disappointing in the least!

Faery Craft is beautifully put together; the art is whimsical and deeply stirring at the same time, and the written portions do not lack substance – a “must-purchase” item for anyone who collects books on Faerie Lore – not just from a historical value, but that is also applicable to our lifestyles.

Thank you, Llewellyn, for granting permission for publishing on our blog not only for the purposes of Faery Craft‘s promotion, but also to allow those already interested in spiritual paths from the Elven viewpoint of Professor JRR Tolkien‘s origin stories of Middle-Earth to enjoy this interview in its entirety!  Emily’s questions are bolded/italicized, Calantirniel’s answers follow.  Enjoy!

* * * * * * *

When did you first realise that there was more to Tolkien’s work than simply fantasy?

It was entirely unexpected, that is for sure!  It was in April of 2005, when I finally got around to reading The Silmarillion on my husband’s suggestion.  The original idea of reading the Elven origin stories was to educate me particularly about the Elven archetype shown in Tolkien’s more popular stories.  However, when I actually read the words, I could actually feel something happening to me and at first, it was sort of scary.  It is hard to explain, but it would be likened to my blood, my DNA just opening up and “singing” – and an overwhelming message was relayed to me that this was not imagination – this was REAL!  I attempted to rationalize this feeling away, and tried to tell myself (like anyone else would) that this wasn’t happening and that these were just made-up stories, but this feeling got stronger and more insistent the more I tried to refute it, and I finally arrived at the conclusion that not only were these stories real, but that this was the spiritual direction I was supposed to explore!  I was not prepared for this at first, and wondered if others felt this way when they read these materials too.  Luckily, after searching online for a couple weeks or so, I found people who were not embarrassed to have arrived at the same conclusion as me!  That was the humble beginnings of Tië eldaliéva, the Elven Spiritual Path.  Frankly, we thought others must have done this before.  While we had found evidence that some parts of Tolkien’s works were integrated into other existing pagan-themed traditions during the 1970’s at the earliest, we failed at finding any tradition based wholly on what Tolkien termed “the Legendarium” or the whole of the Middle-Earth stories.

Why is the message of his books relevant today?

I was also curious about this question – not just “Why me?” but “Why now?”  In digging deeper with the Legendarium writings, it is apparent that the age cycles that Tolkien presented could be overlaid or correlated with those that have different origins, and we are not the first to discover this.  Virtually everyone now knows the significance of 2012 being a huge turning point for the planet, shown not only by world mythologies (especially the Mayan one, which narrowed the dates down the most) but also by science.

Within the approximate 26,000 year cycle that our solar system revolves around Alcyone, the “Central Sun,” the year 2012 could be likened to a solstice point.  So for 13,000 years the energies flowed one way and this is the turning point for them to flow the other way.  While the prophecies for this time are understandably rather dramatic, I remain hopeful and have made a conscious decision to live with my heart rather than my head – and that is what everyone can do to welcome this time in the best way possible.  For those that the Elven Path resonates, it is one method to live through your heart!

What is it about Tolkien’s elves that resonates with you?

I am not sure I could answer that question fully even after six years of involvement.  It is a discovery process and an unfoldment.  But what I can say is that ever since I encountered the elven archetype as shown by Tolkien, it always “felt” to me to be a closer expression of what I would term as elvenness than other archetypes that had been shown to me through general culture or even deeper studies of other paths.

But at first, I didn’t apply the resonation to myself – and it took others telling me more than once to make that connection.  Still, the fact that I highly resonate with Tolkien’s portrayal of elvenness does not go as far as me thinking I am an elf!  I have looked into what is termed “otherkin” and while I can appreciate the philosophy, I do not feel this is an identity – only a path to travel.  While I love the fact that some or even all humans could possibly have elven DNA, science cannot demonstrate this today.

Instead, the way I (and a handful of others) resonate with elvenness is wanting to learn the inherent wisdom and foresightedness, as well as embrace their balanced expression of beauty and harmony with nature, magick and technology.  While we are mortal humans, making it hard to be as wise as immortal elves, nonetheless we can still strive for that!  And indeed there are stories of extraordinary humans who demonstrate amazing courage and honor, despite the inherent setbacks.  And so no one gets any ideas that elves are “superior” to humans, it is clear in the stories that in the eyes of Iluvatar (the “All Father” or the All That Is), that elves, dwarves, and humans are equal to even those of the Maiar and even of the Valar, which could be equated to the elven pantheon.  Humans also have a special gift – upon death, they go immediately to Iluvatar and it is not specified afterward what happens since it is not known.

What is it the appeal of the elven path and how many now follow it?

It is unclear how many actually follow the path, but I can tell you there is interest.  The many presences on the internet since 2005 have ranged from about 70 people to the current Facebook page with over 300 “likes.”  Many of these people do not contact me with details of their level of interest, but I can tell you that I know of at least 15 other people who deeply practice a form of spiritual practice where Tolkien is the main source for their cosmology and structure.

How aware do you think Tolkien was of what he was writing?

Actually, this was shown to me by Tolkien himself.  Listening online to the Tolkien Professor, there is an introductory lecture wherein Tolkien had begun writing these stories much earlier than their publishing dates – I believe 1917 is the earliest of these writings we know of, and these were while he was in a war in a trench!  He also had pictures of how he traversed to what he called “Fearië” which is what can be likened to Faerie.

When prompted by his Inkling colleagues about questions in the stories, Tolkien did not respond with, “Oh, I need to rework that.”  He actually said, “Oh, I need to go find out.”  (emphasis added.)

There are other examples – for instance, his 1967 BBC Radio Interview revealed to an astute listener his ability to thinly skate the line he needed to skate at that time, preserving not only his practicing Catholic stance, but also his scholarly respect as a University Professor of Linguistics.  It was only after his death that we learned of all the back-stories and started putting two and two together.  I can elaborate further if you wish, since I believe there are a few other ways this shows – but these are the main ones I can think of right now.

What do you actually do? Is there a set of ritual practices or is it more organic and internal that that?

It is sort of a combination.  Through our studies of the material, we have in fact created a working ritual calendar (by “filling in” what Tolkien already started as a calendar) as well as the actual rituals.  We have applied the Legendarium cosmology as closely as we can for a practice, and it works very well.

While knowing the stories is (to me) a necessary part to really understand and integrate the energies at a deeper level, we have witnessed some open, curious people trying out the rituals and having very profound experiences of their own – and often (as you can imagine) right in-sync with the energies of the ritual that were intended!  Our rituals are based on visualization, reflection, meditation and speaking or toning (sometimes singing) things into existence, rather than the usual symbolic (or literal) fertility practices of most Pagan paths.

I will mention that while we have a very good calendar that closely matches the Legendarium materials, there are at least a few possibilities of interpretation that with great care and understanding could also work very well.  I say this so no one gets the idea that “our way” is the “only way” because it is not.

As a side note, not everyone who resonates with the Elven Path is Pagan.  We have some open-minded Christians, Agnostics and other religious (or non-religious) backgrounds involved, so the rituals need to be in a way that everyone is comfortable, and that has been achieved.

Regularly reading the actual stories is another thing that we find is a good practice.  Most people have already read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) series, but have not read the back-stories.  We recommend: The Silmarillion (particularly the first portions), the Lost Tales 1 and 2, Unfinished Tales, and Morgoth’s Ring (Vol. 10 of the 12-volume History of Middle-Earth, or “HoME” series) to start with, including the Appendices.  I am rather embarrassed to say that I know the Appendices of the 3rd LOTR volume, Return of the King, better than the actual LOTR story!

If possible, hearing the stories orally adds a new level to integrating and understanding the stories, but reading aloud to yourself can be tiring, especially if you are also trying to understand the sometimes-complex nature of these stories.  If possible, we also recommend obtaining the audio version of The Silmarillion, expertly narrated by Martin Shaw.  While you can listen to the stories while casually doing other things, it is really effective when you are reading the stories and hearing them at the same time.

Other practices that are very helpful, like daily meditation for divining and/or healing work and interacting with and being in nature as often as possible.  It helps to have studies or hobbies that relate to nature in some way, such as hiking, gardening, etcetera – and it is especially helpful for these activities to cross into your profession if you can!  The creative process is also a major part of living this energy – making art in many different ways is very satisfying (especially if you are singing while you do it!).

If one wishes to go further, learning the Elvish languages – even a few words used for ritual, can really help connect one to these energies fairly quickly.  In fact we think it might be why a guy like Tolkien was able to go so deep into this place and bring forth these mytho-historical stories!  There are a few sources we have collected over time and while we do not have a formal study program, they would be available for self-study.

Another interest could be the study of the Elven “Runes” (called the Cirth) as well as the more elaborate Tengwar, which are the symbols used not only to write the languages, but also have symbolic meaning on their own.  For those of us who have applied these symbols in various ways, we have found these work for meditation, divination, magick, protection and healing work.  We also use/visualize the symbols and tone the words for the compass directions in the beginning of rituals to “set” the space (and in a way it sets our internal space more than the physical space around us).  We do not “draw” a circle with an athame or even a wand, as we find it unnecessary.

In fact, it is possible (and even preferable) to not use magical tools at all for ritual, since the symbols with visualization work wonders.  While there are examples of the elves crafting magical items in the stories (i.e. swords, rings, etcetera), we wanted something that would be accessible to everyone.

Also, for those who follow a more Christian path, they are more comfortable relating these concepts with prayer, and they find this path a safe way to connect with their ancestry and can still with a moral conscience resonate with Christ Consciousness and the Bible.  Maybe because Tolkien himself was a practicing Catholic and the fashion in which the stories are relayed makes deep sense to those of a Christian background, and there are plenty of Christian-based websites that discuss the symbolic spiritual nature of Tolkien’s works out there – they just don’t integrate these concepts in their spiritual practice.

* * * * * * *

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Emily Carding, TarotCarding.com

Faery Craft by Emily Carding © 2012 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125.  All rights reserved, used by permission.



Anar – the Sun

June 21st (Solstice): The “Gates of Summer” (Tarnin Austa) is the Elven Midsummer festival which starts the prior night and anticipates the rising of the Anar, the Sun in the East, who is “steered” in the skies by a fiery Maia (meaning “Beautiful One”) named Arien.

In the Elven stories, the Sun was created by the last fruit from the female Golden Tree named Laurelin (whereas Isil, the Moon was created from the last flower from the male Silver Tree, Telperion, and “steered” in the skies by the Maia Tilion). The trees themselves (before their destruction by the Dark One) were created by Yavanna Kementari, Queen of the Earth and Giver of Fruits (in what could be seen as the “Elven Pantheon” that are collectively called the Valar). The Sun, Moon and Stars were all made by Varda Elentari, Queen of the Stars – the Elves deemed her their favorite of all of the Valar. She is the one in Lord of the Rings referred to as Lady Elbereth Gilthoniel, and her energies are very protective! She also created out of Telperion’s sap Valacirca, the Sickle of the Valar to keep the Dark One at bay – today, we know this star constellation as the Big Dipper.

The fullest description of Tarnin Austa is set in the hidden Elven city of Gondolin, as shown in this quote from JRR Tolkien’s Book II of the Lost Tales (aka HoME Vol. II):

“[…] and now at length is that great feast Tarnin Austa or the Gates of Summer near at hand. For know that on a night it was their custom to begin a solemn ceremony at midnight, continuing it even till the dawn of Tarnin Austa broke, and no voice was uttered in the city from midnight till the break of day, but the dawn they hailed with ancient songs.

“For years uncounted had the coming of summer thus been greeted with music of choirs, standing upon their gleaming eastern wall; and now comes even the night of vigil and the city is filled with silver lamps, while in the groves upon the new-leaved trees lights of jewelled colours swing, and low musics go along the ways, but no voice sings until the dawn.

“The sun has sunk beyond the hills and folk array them for the festival very gladly and eagerly — glancing in expectation to the East.”

For more information, see the “Loa” or the Elven Calendar post.

Starflower - Trientalis borealis

Starflower – Trientalis borealis

These links were posted throughout 2009 and also in print in Llewellyn’s 2009 Spell-a-Day Almanac, and I thought it a great idea to post them all at once on a blog post here, for easy reference.

Llewellyn published 5 Elven Spells, and these will be linked again when we upload them (since Llewellyn no longer hosts them on their website):

* (Isilnarvinyë)

* (Yestarë)

* (Nost-na-Lothion)

* (Isilyavannië)

* (Enderi)

All of these Elven Holidays are in the older Elvish language, called Quenya.  Yestarë, Nost-na-Lothion and Enderi are explained more fully on the Elven Calendar post.

Isilnarvinyë and Isilyavannië are referring to the Full Moons that relate to that particular Elven Month.  Isilnarvinyë, the Moon of New Fire, occurs in the Elven January.  Isilyavann, the Moon of Yavanna (the Giver of Fruits) is held in the Elven September.  To find the Elven month of which a particular Full Moon is assigned, visit Encyclopedia of Arda’s Interactive Calendar, using the “Numenorean” months.  You will also notice the Elven Season of the date chosen.

These links will be available for every year, so you can enjoy these short spells and get to know some of the Valar.

Thanks for visiting – ENJOY!


Artist – John Howe

Cuivienen - Waters of Awakenings

Cuivienen – Waters of Awakening

November 21st is the Gregorian date that Tië eldaliéva (the Elven Path) has assigned this observance (which means it is not one of the seven feasts in Tolkien’s calendar in the Appendices of Return of the King). However, it is also the First Day of Hrivë, the Elven Winter. The Elven Calendar has 6 seasons, with the ones bearing the Solstices being the longest.
At midnight this night, the Pleiades (called Remmirath by the Elves, meaning Netted Road) is directly overhead. The description of the starry sky was shown in The Silmarillion to be very much like this time of year when the Elves were first awoken on Arda (Earth) in the Waters of Awakening, or Lake Cuivienen; thus, Tië eldaliéva’s reason for this observance at this time.


Click to View Silmessë by The Fellowship InElvenLands.com

According to these stories, the Elves were awoken before the creation of the Sun and the Moon. The sky then was always a twilight color with stars that were lovingly created by Varda Elentari, the Queen of the Stars, which the Elves loved indeed. In fact, it was the nearby Helluin (Sirius) that was deemed the star that actually awoke the Elves.  They arose from the waters and looked up at the stars, and exclaimed “Eä!” which in this case means “Behold!” It was the same word that “The One” Iluvatar used when bringing forth the song of creation that was indeed sung by the Ainur (likened to “angels” and were the “thoughts” of Iluvatar).

It is a time when we reconnect with the Elven Origins, and thereby reconnect to All that Is. Indeed, we remember our source and where we come from.

Remmirath – the Pleiades



The following is the Elven Calendar, or “Loa” with what could be termed as the Solar observations.

From Tolkien:
Turuhalmë (Elven “LogDrawing”) December 21st
Solvalwaris (Purification, begin Stirring): February 2nd
Yestarë (Elven New Year, begin Spring): March 28th
Nost-na-Lothion (Day of Flowers, begin Summer) May 22nd
Tarnin Austa (Gates of Summer) June 21st
Yavië (begin Elven Autumn) August 2nd
Enderi (Middle Days, begin Fading) September 25-27th (all 3 days)

Improvised by Tië eldaliéva:
Cuiverë Quendiva (First day of Winter/Origins of the Elves) November 21st

Tië eldaliéva improvised the Full Moons too, using the Legendarium as much as possible, and will be in the book when published.  We hope to republish Dave’s in-depth Calendar article in the near future!  In the meantime, you can find the dates of the Elven Moons by using the Encyclopedia of Arda Interactive Calendar – the months in the Quenya language are termed “Numenorean” so you know which one we use.


P.S. Dave/Aikanar/Eluyon, the author of said Calendar Article can also be found at www.westofwest.org.

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