AIYA and Greetings Eldalië (Elfkind) and Elendili (Elf Friends)! Here’s a brief timeline of our history.

2005 – Rev. Lisa Allen, Dave Woosley, and Adam Hayden perform the Elven ritual establishing “Tie eldalieva” (T-e), (establishing T-e’s “Inner Council”, and limiting the organization’s Elven scope to what may be gnostically experienced via the imaginal framework of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Legendarium“). (Later that year, Adam Hayden departs T-e).

Earendil Spindelilus, and Llefyn join T-e’s Inner Council.

– Interviewed by the (now defunct) Eclectic Pagans Podcast.  Dave forms Isalunte Valion, (IV) and departs T-e to explore the Tolkien-based gnosticism more freely.

– Rev. Michaele Alyras de Cygne (Alyras) meets Lisa, and joins T-e.  Llewellyn publishes the first traditionally-published information about our path in the 2009 Witch’s Spell-a-Day Almanac, which included 5 entries.

Dr. Markus Davidsen began his doctoral thesis and interviewed T-e and IV, and even attended the end of September ritual of Enderi, the Elven Middle-Days, on Skype.

– Alyras joins T-e’s Inner Council

– Dr. Davidsen publishes his doctoral thesis, which heavily features the inner workings of both T-e and IV.

– Llefyn departs T-e.  The Ritual of Enderi was self-published. T-e and IV establish an entirely cooperative, rather than quasi-competitive relationship.

– Dave Woosley returns to T-e’s Inner Council. Kimberel Eventide joins T-e’s Inner Council; Earendil Spindelilus departs T-e. T-e receives mandate from Tolkien-based spiritual community to establish an Elven Church. Kimberel leads the crowdfunding campaign securing the funds required to apply for tax exempt status. T-e applies to the IRS for status as charitable trust, and religious organization qualifying as a “church”.

2020 – T-e is granted both 501(c)(3), and church status by the IRS. T-e establishes Yána eldaliéva, and its Elven Education Department, and begins to train teachers of the Elven Spiritual Path. Kimberel Eventide departs T-e to explore Elven spirituality beyond the scope of the Legendarium.

You may CONTACT ElvenSpiritualPath.org by using the form HERE!


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  1. I am feeling that deep feeling all over again as well. I am of Silvan Origins. I had this connection again after meeting with one very close to me recently who is also a Quendi. It is nice to go back to where i started and to feel it more on such a deep level. The name Lessil (meaning Leaf) I found resonates with me and am keeping that name.

  2. Is it possible to feel like an actual elf?? I’ve felt I wasn’t supposed to be a human and be a different race and exedra. I’ve had this thing/feeling since I was younger. Fairies, pixies, vampires, witches, elves have all be an understanding of mine.

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