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Tië eldaliéva (T-e) (Path of the Star People) is both a 501(c)(3) charitable trust, and a religious organization legally qualifying as a church. As such a trust, we are “Tië eldaliéva Elven Spiritual Path Charitable Trust”, serving to govern, and fund our mission, (i.e. fulfilling the founding donor’s Directive to establish a legitimate Elven church, and a supporting charitable trust), advancing religion, the arts, education, science, and charity, on the behalf of all persons drawn to, and interested in exploring the spiritual dynamics of Elven life, and culture–(“Elves”, in this case, not being represented as the tiny creatures rumored to make Santa’s toys, but as the holistically more graceful, human-like representation). As a church, we are “Yána eldaliéva” (Sanctuary of the Star People; which, whilst S’Elf-identifying more as a religious order, may be generally regarded as) the world’s first legally-recognized “Elven Church”. Established in 2005, and receiving 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in 2020, (and as documented by  Dr. Markus Davidsen), T-e is the preeminent spiritual leader within the Tolkien-based Elven spiritual community. Growing, and globally serving the Elven(-centric) community, we are based in San Francisco, CA, USA.

What IS Elven Spirituality?

Vibration, and resonance; for a moment, let’s talk about vibration, and resonance. A tuning fork that is the frequency of a guitar string, when placed a millimeter-ish away from the string, will cause the string to vibrate along with it. The principle of that phenomenon is called “sympathetic vibration”; i.e. the string is sympathetically vibrating with the tuning fork. Sympathetic vibration makes “sympathetic resonance” possible; Ella Fitzgerald breaking glass with her voice. may be the the most poignant example of that principle. On a much more subtle level, in the context of meditations aligning the mind with higher levels of Consciousness, sympathetic resonance may affect a gnostic experience. The individual gnostic experience of the imaginal planes of existence, particularly in Elven contexts, (typically accessed by reading fantasy literature), is the general basis of Elven spirituality. The specific basis of Tolkien-based Elven spirituality is the gnostic experience of “Endamar (Middle-earth). 

The Gist of Tië eldaliéva Elven Spiritual Path

We draw our inspiration, and spiritual, moral, and ethical living direction from the Elven content within the writings of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien (comprising what is known as “the Legendarium“).  Rather than being anything that resembles a Real Life Role Playing Game, we are as serious, and sincerely devoted to the Elven Spiritual Path as devotees of all Love-based, and Light-based religions may be; however, rather than the Elven Spiritual Path being a religion, per se, we regard it, and cultivate it simply as a path of spiritual inquiry, applying the sacred content Holy Spirit reveals within the Legendarium toward practically, and holistically advancing personal, and communal edification, empowerment, and enlightenment).

The Legendarium’s theological framework is decidedly monotheistic; however, whilst fully embracing, and asserting Endamar’s monotheism, (rather than being monotheistic, or pantheistic), we are a panentheistic spiritual path. We are open to the general public; (we are not a cult.) If you’re interested in exploring this Path, the best starting point is to become familiar with the “Valar”, and the best starting point for establishing that familiarity may is the first two sections of the “Silmarillion”, i.e. “Anulindalie”, and “Valaquenta”.

A Great Sacred Work–One We Need Help to Fulfill

We have humbly undertaken a Great Sacred Work, for all life on Earth. We’re establishing a full-bodied sacred experience, akin to well-established religions, but totally new, and different from them all because its Light is also Elven Light. Our executive team is tiny, and mostly disabled; frankly, we require a lot of people, and brick, and mortar resources to fulfill the Directive establishing the Trust. [Our (fully up, and running–got all the peeps we need to get the Job done) projected Annual General Operations Budget (AGOB) is $1M USD, one million dollars; $10M for a 7-year growth budget.]

We graciously receive a modicum of funding from members, and we anticipate receiving revenue from sales as well. However, we invite, and hope the brunt of the funding for our AGOB to come from very wealthy Tolkien-loving individuals, (including entertainers, and entrepreneurs, such as those above-linked.

Join us; or Simply Support Our Vision Where it Counts!

Monthly Support & Membership Options

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Elendili (Elf Friends)            General Organizational Support


You may enjoy being one of our “Elendili” [ay-LAYN-dee-lee], or “Elf friends”, sponsoring the Elven Spiritual Path on a recurring basis for only $3 per month.

I QuendiPrivate (Live) Rituals


Basic membership to the Elven Spiritual Path, (or to the “I Quendi” [Ee KWAYN-dee]) is $5 per month. Each month, I Quendi will receive live streamed private ritual access. (The streamed videos are recorded as well, so you may previous review them.)

I Quendi (Noltar)Private (Live) Rituals & (Live) Training




Basic membership to the Elven Spiritual Path also enables you to become a teacher (“Noltar”). Each month, I Quendi Noltar will receive live streamed private ritual access.

Additionally, each week, I Quendi Noltar will collectively sit with the I Tarainimi (High Wise Ones) to learn the Elven Spiritual Path in order for them to either serve the Elven community solely in that regard, or to better prepare them to be members of the I Ainimi (Wise Ones, or Priestesses/Priests); particularly those who launch remote Elven Spiritual Path sanctuaries.

Ortírië (Patronage)Become a Patron




Feeling very supportive of our Work, and interested in contributing to Its fulfillment, without becoming a member? Thank you; we’re happy to enable you to do so. Feel free to become a massively huge Elf friend as a patron.Recurring, and one time donations are welcomed, and greatly appreciated!

Patrons preferring to support us via check, or money order, may make the Recipient, “Tie eldalieva Elven Spiritual Path CT”,
[specifically designating your support to go toward growing Yána eldaliéva, if so intended], and may send contributions to:

Tie eldalieva Elven Spiritual Path CT
PO Box 883334, 
San Francisco, CA 94188-3334

Patrons who wish to support Tië eldaliéva, and/or Yána eldaliéva by bequeathing real estate, or other capital contributions, (including higher end financial instruments), may contact us at “donate@tieeldalieva.org” to facilitate that. (We ARE on the lookout for [highly-functional abandoned, or somehow otherwise untransferable] residential, and/or commercial property in any the following California counties: San Francisco, Alameda, Marin, Sonoma, Siskiyou, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Log Angeles, and San Diego.

{Note: Patronage enabling us to secure, and to perpetually maintain an abandoned, (perhaps unsellable), albeit well-functioning estate, (up to a manageable ranch), or a three, or more floored commercial building, (large enough for one floor to house both a dance studio, and a visual arts studio accommodating social distancing, and in decent state of repair), as Yána eldaliéva’s U.S. base of operations certainly would be graciously received, and infinitely appreciated by us. In San Francisco, or elsewhere. Just sayin’.}

All material contributions to Tië eldaliéva, and/or Yána eldaliéva are completely tax deductible. Surely, the ripple effects of even your smallest degree of participation, and/or support serve to uplift, to empower, and to enlighten countless others.
EIN: 84-1953054 

Thank you for stepping foot upon the Elven Spiritual Path today! We hope you are inspired, and enlightened by something you experience here during your visit, every time you hereto come.  Laita (Blessings)!




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