Who We Are We are a global, online community advancing a spiritual path based on the Elven spiritual viewpoint represented within the Middle-earth stories of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien,  (including “The Hobbit”, and “Lord of the Rings”), collectively known as the “Legendarium“,,. Since 2005, (as a core team, [who are now the hereof trustees]), we have been doing so as “Tië eldaliéva” (T-e), i.e. Path of the Star People. Established in 2005, and receiving 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in 2020, (and as documented by Dr. Markus Davidsen), T-e is the preeminent spiritual leader within the Tolkien-based Elven spiritual community. Many of us are mystics, some of us are exclusively devoted to the T-e, and some of us embrace the Path as an adjunct to our principal devotion to Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Wicca, Judaism, Baha’i, Zoroastrianism, or other spiritual traditions. Growing, and universally serving the Elven[-centric] community by therein advancing the practical experience of Elven spirituality, we are based in San Francisco, CA, USA. Tië eldaliéva and Yána eldaliéva: A Charitable Trust, and a “Church” Presently, T-e is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States as both a 501(c)(3) charitable trust, and a religious organization legally qualifying as a “church.” As such a charitable trust, we are “Tië eldaliéva Elven Spiritual Path & Sanctuary Charitable Trust”, (operating as “Tië eldaliéva Elven Spiritual Path Charitable Trust”), serving to govern, and fund our mission [i.e. fulfilling the founding donor’s Directive to establish a legitimate Elven church, and a supporting charitable trust] advancing religion, the arts, education, science, and charity, on the behalf of all persons drawn to, and interested in exploring the spiritual dynamics of Elven life, and culture. As a church, we are “Yána eldaliéva” (Sanctuary of the Star People; which, whilst S’Elf-identifying more as a religious order, may be generally regarded as) the world’s first legally-recognized Elven Church. What IS Elven Spirituality? Vibration, and resonance; to help you to understand the basic Nature of Elven spirituality, let’s talk about vibration, and resonance for a moment. A tuning fork that is the frequency of a guitar string, when placed near the string, will cause the string to vibrate along with it. The principle of that phenomenon is called “sympathetic vibration“; i.e. the string is sympathetically vibrating with the tuning fork. Sympathetic vibration makes “sympathetic resonance” possible; Ella Fitzgerald breaking glass with her voice. may be the the most poignant example of that principle. On a much more subtle level, in the context of meditations aligning the mind with higher levels of Consciousness, sympathetic resonance may affect a gnostic experience. The individual gnostic experience of the imaginal planes of existence, particularly in Elven contexts, (typically accessed by reading fantasy literature), is the general basis of Elven spirituality. The specific basis of Tolkien-based Elven spirituality is the gnostic experience of “Endamar (Middle-earth); (<– see Dr. Becca Tarnas’ highly illuminating video there). Inside Tië eldaliéva Elven Spiritual Path We draw our inspiration, and spiritual, moral, and ethical living direction from the Elven content within the Legendarium; frequently, the Legendarium’s answer to the questions, “What would the Elves do?”, and “What does the Legendarium say?” inform our critical [personal, and administrative] decisions. Rather than being anything that resembles a Real Life Role Playing Game, we are as serious, and sincerely devoted to the Elven Spiritual Path as devotees of all Love-based, and Light-based religions may be; however, rather than the Elven Spiritual Path being a religion, per se, we regard it, and cultivate it simply as a path of spiritual inquiry, applying the sacred content Holy Spirit reveals within the Legendarium toward practically, and holistically advancing personal, and communal edification, empowerment, and enlightenment). The Legendarium’s theological framework is decidedly monotheistic; however, whilst fully embracing, and asserting Endamar’s monotheism, (rather than being monotheistic, or pantheistic), we are a panentheistic spiritual path. We are open to the general public; (we, by mandate, and governance, are not a cult.) If you’re curious about, or perhaps are even interested in exploring this Path, the best starting point is to become familiar with the “Valar”, and who we are in relation to, and in relationship with the Divine, Holy Spirit (“Flame Imperishable”, and “Secret Fire”), the Valar, and Elves; the collective root of that familiarity is the first two sections of the “Silmarillion”, i.e. “Ainulindale“, and “Valaquenta“. Whom Do We Serve? (In a word, we serve Love.)  The primary beneficiaries of Tië eldaliéva Elven Spiritual Path & Sanctuary Charitable Trust are all members of the general public who personally resonate with Elves, and/or Elven culture, in some way, or another. More specifically, our (Trust) Directive arises from those who resonate as, and/or with the “Quendi“, a demographic that’s particularly relevant to Tolkien-based Elven culture. We serve to enable the general public to become more familiar with the spiritual dynamics of the Quendi, (as represented by the Legendarium), i.e. via the regular information we provide about our Solar, and Lunar Observances. Ultimately, we provide a reliable, systematic process by which the individual may directly establish a dynamic personal relationship with the spiritual beings Tolkien identified as “the Valar“, who principally underscore, inform, and illuminate the Elven spiritual experience. Ours is a Great Sacred Work–We Need a lot of Help to Fulfill We have humbly undertaken a Great Sacred Work, for all life on Earth. We’ve established a full-bodied sacred tradition, akin to well-established religions, albeit totally new, and different from them all because its fundamental Nature, and Light are authentically Elven. (Frankly, to fulfill our Directive), we require a lot of people, and brick, and mortar resources. [Our (fully up, and running–got all the peeps we need to get the Job done) projected Annual General Operations Budget (AGOB) is $1M USD, one million dollars; $10M for a 7-year growth budget.] . We graciously receive a modicum of funding from members, and we anticipate receiving revenue from merchandise, and book sales as well. However, we invite, (and hope the initial brunt of the funding for our AGOB will come from) wealthy Tolkien-loving patrons, (including state leaders, entertainers, and entrepreneurs…), who may both perceive the immense, and enduring global value of the Elven Spiritual Path, and the value of their underwriting our operations with endowments enabling us to spend most of our time actually doing the Work, rather than trying to raise funds just to keep the bills paid. Join us; or Simply Support Our Vision, and Enable us to Serve!
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